Beached! (part 1)

Standing on one of the best beaches ever, you're staring at the sea while the sun beats down on you.

Play Beached! (part 1) The first game in a series of three.

An oldskool textadventure game, but with modern twists.
Beached! (prelude)

Here you are, stranded on an empty beach after wrecking your ship.
How you regret rum and sailing at the same time!

Play Beached! (prelude)
An escape room minigame.

Another hilarious textadventure game with an IF twist.
                                     ( > 700 players)

'The sheer amount of writing that went into it is admirable enough, but I really like the UI as well'

'Now that's a good response. Snarky but not mean, perfectly in character'

'This game needs a good native-English editor to smooth out the language and fix the typos and misused words'

'I'm not keen on images. I didn't fail to notice they can be turned off, so full marks for that'

'...Otherwise, your grammar and your phrasing and everything is marvelous. Well done!'

You'll learn soon enough...

Beached! (prelude)
less quantity, better quality.